We make your generator set VISIBLE

Improve its efficiency and decrease the maintenance cost

How it works?

Maintenance contract

We provide the hardware required for the monitoring services in a 1 to 3 year maintenance contract that includes:

  • 24x7 monitoring and supervision of the GENSET status.
  • Preventive maintenance visits every 3 months if the GENSET works in standby mode, otherwise depending on the running hours.
  • Periodical reports and alerts on any event presented within the normal operation of the GENSET.
  • Field team availability to support any corrective maintenance that should be required during the contract term.
  • Special price on spare parts, oil & filters.

Hardware cost

The customer purchase the monitoring Kit.

Lease the monitoring Kit and charge an additional monthly fee during the contract term. (> two years term).

In any case 3E Systems will install the monitoring Kit and charge for this installation.

Customer receives a monthly fee during the contract term which includes the monitoring and supervision activities and preventive maintenance.

Spare parts, Oil & Filters and any corrective maintenance activity will be charge on a demand basis.


Software and data collection

Customer receives a monthly COX fee that includes:

  • All the information coming from the kit installed on the customer GENSET.
  • The rights to use the software functionalities to provide the monitoring services in an appropriated way.


3E Systems could help you detects improvements opportunities, i.e. issues of application at the customer facilities like:

  • GENSET installation improvements
  • Civil works to improve the Air flow
  • Electrical Installation as complement
  • Fuel tank improvement
  • Labeling and signalizing
  • Sound proof cabins to reduce noise
  • Escape gasses management improvement